Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication

Program Length

12 or 24 months (degree completion)


Blended or On Campus

The BA in Professional Communication program examines language, media, culture and technology. The program balances the best of academic education, professional experience and practical skills, and combines a comprehensive overview of communications as an academic field with a selection of courses in professional writing, public relations, journalism, public speaking, organizational communication and new media. Graduates will be able to understand the fundamental concepts, tools, processes and techniques in communication and will have developed interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skills.

This program is delivered in two formats: as a four-term 12-month on-campus model (combines years' three and four into an intensive 12 months) and as a 24–month blended model (incorporating two short on-campus residencies). Learn more...

This program is an undergraduate completion degree offering years three and four in a 12 month on-campus or 24 month blended program. RRU offers international students English or academic pathway options, including years one and two.

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